Pacific Islands

LPG Bulk Storage & Transit Facility To Feed Two Megawatt Micro-Turbines

  • Major excavation and remediation within a high seismic zone.

  • Bulk transfer unloading.

  • Works completed in two stages.

  • Time and budget sensitive.

  • Land stabilisation.

  • Underground bulk storage.

  • Greenfield site.

  • All works were completed without incident.

  • Works were completed while maintaining an operational site.

  • Planning the project and working with onsite contractors from four different countries.

  • Completing a full and approved civil design package, specifically for an environmentally sensitive “Cat 5” cyclone area.

  • Very remote location.

  • Offshore work while complying to NZAS1596.

  • Over 600m of high pressure piping was trenched and laid including crossing a public road without it closing to traffic.

  • Including New Zealand, Fiji and USA standards in the design and value engineering the project.

  • Working with other trades in common trenches.

  • Design and construct mass footings 50 tonne gas storage.