Inland Container Port

  • Change of use from meat works to a hazardous substance facility.

  • Remediate asbestos contamination in the site.

  • Full turn key hazard facility including:Civil, Security

  • Using existing services and upgrading them:Hydro

  • Major excavation and remediation within a high seismic zone.

  • Bulk transfer unloading and loading.

  • Works completed in stages.

  • All works were completed without incident.

  • Works were completed while maintaining an operational site.

  • Planning the project and working with onsite contractors from three different countries

  • Design and construct mass footings for very large water storage tanks.

  • Completing a full and approved civil design package, specifically for an environmentally sensitive “Cat 5” cyclone area.

  • Very remote location and importing 40% of all materials.

  • Offshore work while complying to NZAS1596.

  • Working and maintaining the operation of the facility with 264 container movements per day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Including New Zealand, Fiji and USA standards in the design and value engineering the project.

  • 14,000m2 of high mpa concrete in remote location.

  • Dewatering.

  • Shoring and underpinning.


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