LPG Bulk Storage & Transit Facility

  • Change of use from meat works to a hazardous substance facility.

  • Remediate asbestos contamination in the site.

  • Full turn key hazard facility including: - Mechanical, Electricity, Civil, Security

  • Using existing services and upgrading them: - Power, Hydro

  • Above ground hazardous storage.

  • Contaminated work site with asbestos.

  • Major excavation and remediation.

  • Bulk transfer unloading.

  • Works completed in one stage.

  • All buildings including platforms and fill sheds.

  • Time and budget sensitive.

  • Interisland oversize tank movements.

  • Land stabilisation.

  • Project was executed within the transition of NZ legislation which meant the project was subject to further risk-based evaluations and worked with Worksafe to achieve a benchmark site.

  • Dewatering.

  • Shoring and underpinning.